What is Zombies at the Zoo?

Zombies at the Zoo is a volunteer-run fundraiser for Plumpton Park Zoo. All proceeds from the event go to helping the Zoo get through the upcoming winter and improving the lives of the animals at the zoo!

How much does it cost?

It is $12 for Hunted Woods, $12 for Fright Maze and $22 for Zombie Paintball Shoot, OR $35 to do all 3! All proceeds go to helping the Zoo get through the winter.

Do you accept credit cards?

es we do Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover as well as debit cards with the Visa logo.

Is it scary?

Yes! It is not for people with heart conditions or young children who may scare easily.  If you pee yourself you get a free shirt.

What if it rains?

Please check the homepage or our Facebook page for any closure related details. If you purchased a ticket online to be used for the night of a closure the ticket will be accepted on any other night, but there will be no refunds.

My child is __ years old. Will they get scared?

Parental discretion is advised at this event. We leave it up to you, the parent, to know if your child would like this type of event. We have had younger children (6-10 years old) love the event, but it is ultimately up to you to decide. But some young children have reported nightmares.

Are there really ghosts in the Old Mill?

It is believed so! We have had a professional paranormal investigation group spend the night in the Old Mill and they believe that there is a presence there!

How can I volunteer to be a Zombie?!

Please see the ‘Volunteers’ tab above. However, applications close in early September so get your application in quick!

I don't want to be a Zombie, how can I help?

If you don’t want to be a Zombie, there are still many ways for you to help! You can join a committee, be a runner on event nights or even become a sponsor of Zombies at the Zoo!

What is a sponsorship?

Sponsorships can help us in 3 ways.

1,) Monetary donation or items donation (lumber, props, misc. supplies, etc.)

2.) Volunteer donation (volunteer your time or your companies time to help Zombies)

3.) Skills donation (makeup, construction, etc.)

These 3 sponsorship methods help reduce the zoo’s costs to run Zombies every year, meaning more to help the zoo make it through the winter and better the lives of the animals.